Metal Jacketed Gaskets

An economical seal for where sealing faces are narrow and it can be produced in a variety of shapes. It is used for heat flanges, exhaust gases, narrow flanges. HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd jacketed gaskets are made of a thin metallic outer shell that contains a resilient filler material. The metal casing protects the filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.
Metal Jacketed Gaskets Advantages
1. Economical
2. Easy to handle and install
3. Suitable for high temperature
4. Suitable for narrow flanges
5. Good blow-out resistance
Material available: Jacketed material: Carbon steel, soft iron, SS304, SS316, 316L, SS321, SS410, brass, copper, inconel.
Filler material: non-asbestos, graphite.
Single Jacketed
Single Jacket with Overlap
Double Jacketed
Double Jacketed with Double Shell
Double Jacketed Corrugated
Welded Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Benefits over one-piece gaskets with integral bars:
Lower price - Costs savings 10% to 40%.
Quicker delivery - Less time to manufacture.
Technically superior and safer - Extra sealing safeguards give a better gasket.
Longer sealing life - seal independently of the outer ring.

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metal jacketed gasket graphite/ptfe/non asbesto filler
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China metal jacketed gasket manufacturer HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd can supply metal jacketed gasket gasket graphite/ptfe/non asbesto filler,and also provide single jacketed gaskets