Spectacle Flange

极速快三计划Spectacle Flanges are generally applied to permanently separate pipe systems, or just to connect with each other. A spectacle blind is machined from a single piece of metal that is cut to match the pipe size, fit between two pipe flanges and requires an additional gasket when it is installed. Also, the bolts will need to be lengthened depending on what Pipeline class and size blind is used. The thickness of the spectacle blind is specified based on the line pressure and pipe size.
One end of the blind will have an opening to allow flow through the pipe during operation and the other end is solid to block flow.

Products List

Spacer Ring Flange A516 GR 60
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China Ring Spacer Flange Manufacturer HengTong supplies ASTM A516 GR60 Flat Face Ring Spacer Flange, ASME B16.48, 1/2-24 Inch
Paddle Blind Flange A516 GR60 GR70, CL150-2500, 1/2-24 Inch
China Paddle Blind Flange Manufacturer HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd Supplies Paddle Blind Flange, ASME B16.48, A516 GR60, A516 GR70, CL150-2500, 1/2-24 Inch.
Spectacle Blind Flange A516 GR60, GR70, CL150-2500, 1/2-24 Inch
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China ASME B16.48 Spectacle Blind Flange Manufacturer HengTong offers ASME B16.48 Spectacle Blind Flange, A516 GR60, A516 GR70, CL150-2500, 1/2-24 Inch.